Sunday, June 30, 2013

Generic Web Hosting Services

Web hosting concerns itself with the launching of a website on to the internet. To be truly launched means that the website in question is ready to be accessed and viewed by users and from anywhere that has an internet service.

Web hosting includes but is not limited to:

• Registration: A domain name must be generated so that it is one of a kind. It also helps if the domain name is memorable. This domain name must then be registered with the World Wide Web and serves as a website’s registered identity. (ex.

• Website Serving: The generated domain name serves as the platform for the generation of a uniform resource locator or URL. This becomes the global reference to the resource location that is a website address.

• Website Building Tool: Blog tools such as WordPress and content management system applications are incorporated in the website.  These tools allow the creation and publishing of website content.

• Domain generated email: Email addresses can also be created in such a way where the domain name is incorporated i.e This is commonly used by corporations and companies in order to make it easier for both users and employees to remember email contacts inside the company or corporation.

• Data backup: Everyone knows the importance of backing up data. Web hosting also includes the service of keeping track and storing data online.

• Support: Some websites have communication features such as chat or voice services. Web hosting can also generate the needed tools in supporting said features.

Website hosting services can be configured depending on the needs and the budget of a person, although web hosting is not necessarily purchased. Still, it is always best to consult with a web development company and learn the complete list of services they offer. Such a company who not only provides website hosting is Silver Connect Web Design. Their services include custom graphic designs, search engine optimization, marketing collateral, and, of course, website hosting and maintenance.