Monday, July 8, 2013

Web Maintenance Must Do’s

Most operations need a checklist in order to make sure that everything is running smoothly and optimally. It is on this checklist where maintenance procedures and red flags are listed as well. Websites are no different. As an internet advertising operation, a website must be made sure to be up and running with no complications or malfunction. This is to assure that users have a good experience when visiting that web page. For this reason, maintenance of the website is crucial to all website owners.
Specifically, regular maintenance procedures must be taken on as a scheduled routine.

Regular Web maintenance includes:

Website Back up.
This service allows for the safe storing of website configurations and changes to its code. The data that has been backed up can act as a restarting point just in case of an unexpected occurrence that would otherwise result in the loss of data.

Website Monitoring. This service includes an alert system that warns the owner of the website, the developer of the website, or both if the website is experiencing some sort of malfunction the inhibits the use of it from the users end.

Speed testing. Speed testing refers to the downloading speed of the website or its loading time once the website is accessed. Maintenance includes the testing and recalibration of the download speed for optimal website usage for the user.

Link Fixing. There are instances when links found on a website change or break making them useless content on the page. Maintenance allows these links to be checked and repaired if not completely removed.

Software Update. If the software used to develop the website is updated, so must the website to conform with the new set of rules. This ensures that the functions on the website are still supported and allowed to run.

Statistic Analysis. Statistics help monitor the status, whether successful or not, of the website. Important statistics include traffic statistics that show how much traffic statistic, search engine results, and website reputation statistic.