Tuesday, August 20, 2013

The Best Tools from CSS3 for Graphic Design

CSS3 is the latest in the CSS platform line in graphic design. Many graphic designers have opted to use when the parameters are right because it makes the process of graphic design easier, not to mention faster, saving the project a lot of time and cost.

This platform has many tools and features that allow the web design to perform many functions. There are, however, five that prove to be the most useful and most essential for graphic designers. These five are as follows.

The first is the tool known as the CSS Layout Generator. As the name implies, it is directed to creating layouts. This generator makes it possible to create attractive layout that has the advantage of being downloadable as a zip file. Fluid and fixed column layouts can be drafted including its features such as headers, footers, and of course menus. Plus, designers can preview the layout in real time.
The second is the Ultimate CSS Gradient Generator. This tool gives the power to create and craft the gradient effect without having to create additional images. Now, thanks to the gradient generator, designers can get that gradient look by using purely CSS3.

The thirds is the CleverCSS, a Python inspired tool for website structuring. With this tool, graphic design is made even easier as it allows for easy defining of multiple and various attributes of the website’s pages. The CleverCSS tool can even take an ordinary CSS files and convert it into a CleverCSS file.

The fourth is the My CSS Menu. The name pretty much gives it away and is a tool that targets the most essential tool of a website: its menu. Graphic designers can utilize this tool in creating custom CSS menus that are cross browser compatible.

The fifth most useful CSS3 tool has to be the Pattern Color. It is a tool that is designer to create and manipulate the backgrounds of websites. The background in a web design can be made as loud or as soft as the graphic designer want it to be.