Thursday, August 29, 2013

Tips to a Clean and Simple Web Design

If one will take notice of the trending websites in the internet today, even if they have unique and individual web designs, one can agree that all can be described as having a clean and simple yet sleek web design. This clean design is not to be confused as dull and yet there is a sense of refinement that successfully attracts users. In achieving this clean and simple design, try and keep in mind these 3 helpful tips.

Tip #1. Build Down

In any design process, exploration should be fostered as visual element placement and styling is part of it. A designer will always have a concept, but it is never a complete end product off the bat. Elements are played around with to see what goes where in the graphic design. However, in aiming for a clean design, designers often end up with a dull or bland page. One sure fire way to avoid this is to build down. In other words, allow the design to be initially complex and then from there, simplify the design by omitting what is not necessary.

Tip #2. Tweak and Re-tweak

A design can never be said to be truly finished as there will always be something that can make better, no matter how seemingly inconsequential. A clean, simple, and sleek web design will always have all its elements, namely the composition, hierarchy, palette, and typography of the page, working together cohesively and harmoniously. So a designer should keep tweaking a graphic design until there is nothing left to tweak.

Tip #3. Keep the Big Picture in Mind.

Some may think that printing and pinning design concepts and inspiration is a waste of time and paper. However, this is a big design process that greatly helps. The reason is that sometimes, the big picture is lost in the design phase especially when each element is worked on separately and no visual congruity can be seen. By printing and pinning, the big picture of the project is a solid visual and can easily be examined.