Sunday, September 15, 2013

Five Fundamental Tips to Boost SEO through Social Media

Social media is one of the most integral components in the building blocks of search engine optimization. These days, people are maximizing the use of blogs and other social media channels to boost their SEO rankings. Now, if you are planning to take your site to the next level, try these five tips to help you rank well in the search results.

1. Understand your audience. Since people who view your website are basically the reason why your site still exists, you should be able to know their behaviors and preferences for content, context, sharing, and publishing. Having these things in mind makes it easier for you to create and optimize content about those topics of interest and relevance which may have a great impact in your user experience and search visibility. And as companies struggle to understand where the social web fits within their marketing strategy, many of them are way ahead of others because of their social media monitoring program that allows them to tap into conversations and influencers.

2. Identify your objectives. Like any other marketing function, search engine
optimization needs to have specific goals that can be measured. Whether you are using SEO for branding purposes or for driving traffic, it can be incorporated in back links, blog posts, mentions, comments, and media coverage. Such engagements influence SEO rankings, as justified when you try to search for Chanel on Google, for example. You’ll find out that the first page of search results is covered by Twitter, YouTube, and other social media channels that have great SEO authority.

3. Develop a strategy. In the world of search engine optimization, as they say, “content is the king”. The fresher content you create the better. However, pure information does not work in all viewers since they are now looking for more interactive websites. For this reason, you have to include a deliberate optimization effort even if it means writing new articles that work in sync with social networking.

4. Create a tactical mix. As you already have knowledge on the appropriate social media channels where audiences spend their time, you have a better understanding on what specific social tools to use. If you think Facebook or LinkedIn can support your strategy then develop your websites through these social networks in order to achieve your objectives.

5. Measure your goals. With the combination of social media monitoring and web analytic, search engine marketing and social media marketing can attain remarkable results in the future. Using these tools is valuable not only for improving your social promotion but also for staying ahead among your competitors.