Wednesday, October 23, 2013

A Good Web Design Cares

The internet is becoming more and more available for different types of people regardless of location, age, gender, social status and other defining aspects. With that being said, even people with visual disabilities use the internet on a daily basis, with their number even projected to increase in the coming years. Catering to this, a website design firm always recommends some features that could help enhance website experience to these visually impaired people.

With more than 53.2 million aged 45 and above in the US considered having visual ailments one way or another (18% of them legally blind), designing a website should implement these few features:

1. Higher-contrast webpage version. Some of the most common eye ailments (like cataracts) often reduce contrast sensitivity, which greatly affects the ability to distinguish subtle nuances of colors and certain brightness levels. With today’s websites having such high details and usage of subtle color gradients to produce a pleasing experience (to people with normal vision), it is really hard for these people to find a website they could truly enjoy.

Websites should have a page version with high-contrast between its elements and at the same time bold text to ensure maximum content readability. In addition to that, a website with good web graphic design should not implement scripting that could change the way users highlight elements. People with eye problems often highlight the text they’re reading to improve focus by increasing contrast.

2. Proper Color Combination for Action Items. Hereditary color blindness affects 8% and 0.5% of the entire male and female human population respectively, in varying degrees. An important factor to consider when designing buttons and other items is the color combination, especially if their function requires immediate user attention.


It takes a lot of consideration to have a website that works for people that have eye disorders while considering people with normal vision as well. But achieving a balance for this two can result to a really good website experience. For this matter, it’s really much better to get a company that offers a good website design service for best results.