Thursday, October 31, 2013

Blunders in Mobile Web Designing – Can You Relate?

Mobile web graphic design has always been an issue with most websites today, because this kind of designing requires more consideration, and because viewing websites using mobile devices offers a different experience as opposed to websites viewed on traditional devices like computers.

Here are some of the common mistakes with mobile websites:

1. Improper Page Resolution. 

This is the most common mistake committed by web designers for mobile sites. Proper understanding of the maximum width of page elements and the ability to format an HTML document to fit various types of screens can be utilized, ultimately leading to a better website experience. Ideally, elements and the page itself should be formatted to fit the screen no matter what width.

2. Excessive number of Images. 

This mistake always leads to longer loading times for mobile web pages, due to the fact that mobile capability is limited, combined with the variability of wireless internet connection. This often induces frustration for the mobile user, leading to poor website experience. A professional mobile web design firm often suggests minimal number of images since most mobile users tend to want fast information.

3. Unresponsive Web Design. 

This is known as the root of mobile web design errors, since an effective mobile website should have a responsive design with elements that adjust without losing quality (especially images). This is quite a feat to implement, but is very rewarding once done well.

There’s no way to stop the growth of internet-capable mobile devices like smart phones and tablets, since a lot of people today are always on the go and need internet connection to accomplish tasks that could either be related to their work or their personal life. That’s why it’s really important to look for a company that provides a responsive website design service, since they have solutions that cater to mobile users as well.