Thursday, October 3, 2013

Four Essential Web Designing Factors You Should Not Ignore

Having a website is one of the effective SEO marketing strategies you can utilize for your business to reach a wider population. Several entrepreneurs would agree that web presence is essential especially with the billions of people who use the internet daily. It comes as no surprise therefore that several businessmen spend a lot for the creation and maintenance of a website. It’s a new way of reaching out to prospective clients.

Web designing also entails several rules to come up with a design that is striking, impressive, user-friendly and one that is tailored for SEO strategies. Your website is a direct representation of your business. If visitors are impressed with it, then they will likely patronize you products and services, and keep coming back for more! Here are some important things you need to keep in mind when designing a site:

1. Purpose of Your Site

The purpose of the website is where the design is mainly based on. For instance, if you plan to sell products online then you would need to have images of your main products on the Home page, designed in a creative and enticing manner, and you should also have product brochures that will provide specific information about your products.

Furthermore, your site should be tailored to fall in with SEO strategies, otherwise, your website will be seen only by a few, totally defeating the purpose of having a website, which is to get as many viewers as possible.

2. Think of Your Customers

Without customers, there will be no business to begin with. Your audience or visitors are of utmost importance and providing them with an excellent user experience should be your priority. Thus, make sure that people can navigate through your site easily. Provide an easy and clear navigation menu, use font that is easily read, overall design should be impressive yet should make them feel at ease. Put yourself in their shoes, if you are in a site that has a complicated navigation bar, making it difficult to find what you are looking for, you would surely leave the site that instant! You do not want that kind of user experience for your site, so do not complicate things!

3. Make Use of Creative Visuals

When we open a page, our attention is immediately drawn to the images or other colorful graphics displayed on the page. While our main focus is the information we need from the site, we simply cannot fail to notice whether the page is creative or dull.

At most, if we find the visuals very interesting we become motivated to read the content, and vice versa. Creativity is one important element that can boost one’s search engine optimization strategy.

4. Simplicity is Beauty

It is always advisable to make things simple. This will make the page look more organized and it would require less work. While adding animation and other creative visuals is good, this should not be overdone because it will not only make your website look overcrowded but will affect the page loading time as well.

These are among the essential factors that need to be considered when designing a website to make it an ideal and effective SEO marketing tool. With the millions of websites already plaguing the World Wide Web, it is important to stand out and get noticed to attract the needed traffic. However, remember that your customers are your priority, so design a website that will provide them an excellent user experience.

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