Monday, October 7, 2013

Quality Content: The Heart of SEO

When we speak of search engine optimization, quality content almost always becomes the center of discussion. Is it important? Does this help increase SEO value? Does a business website have to provide quality content? These are among the common questions that arise, and for the hundredth time, the answer to these is yes, yes and yes. Quality content has a major impact to one’s SEO marketing campaign. For most experts in the field, they consider this as the heart of SEO.

While it is irrefutable that there are several elements that work together for a successful SEO strategy, so much like body parts functioning harmoniously, there is but only one heart and that is quality content. In recent years, several businesses rely solely on the popularity of their brand name to draw traffic to their websites. It is indeed important to have a solid ground on which the product or service name has been implanted, but this is not enough to keep you ahead. What if your competitor whose brand is equally established provides quality content on all the pages of its site – content that consumers find useful and interesting? Do you think you will lead the pack? Definitely not!

One of the main purposes of people searching the web is to find information or answers to their queries. If they are searching for a particular product or service, they want to have a comprehensive brochure or page site that provides information that will persuade them to avail of what is offered. Thus, a site that is well-designed and has all the interesting graphics but lacks substantial, interesting, unique and relevant content will not draw the needed traffic and desired conversion rate. In short, all your web development solutions will come to nothing.

In addition, for a website to be considered as a relevant source for a particular keyword, search engine spiders crawl its contents, particularly a textual content that successfully incorporates the said keyword while providing relevant information to readers. Search engines respond positively to quality content by putting this on a relatively high position on SERPs. When this happens, you become more visible to your customers, and so are your products and services, increasing your chances for higher conversion rates.

If you are currently running an SEO marketing campaign, you need to assess your website if it is serving its main purpose of providing better user experience through substantial, interesting and relevant contents. If not, then you might want to consider hiring SEO writers to handle the task as writing quality content is not at all easy. Always bear in mind that quality content is the heart of SEO!

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