Thursday, November 28, 2013

Busting the Most Common Myths About Internet Directories

Today, search engines actually hold a lot of influence on a website’s visibility, that’s why people who own websites make sure that they have good search engine marketing and optimization strategies, like writing quality content and doing backlink auditing. But some SEO experts have concluded that internet directories are a thing of the past and that submitting their link to these sites do not account for much. 

This is one of the biggest misconceptions about directory submission sites, which are in fact still important to promoting your websites; it might have lost some of its value as an SEO strategy—with it being replaced by more convenient search engines, but it’s still quite vital in ensuring a better page rank. This becomes more apparent when it comes to backlink profiles, as websites that submit to directories build up a good network of inbound links highly priced by Google and other search engines.

While more experienced SEO experts still consider submitting links to internet directories as an important task for online search engine optimization, there are still mistaken beliefs surrounding this SEO strategy. Some think that submitting their links to directories that look the same isn’t worth the time. For instance, several directories may have the same page design or categories. That’s why most of us perceive that these websites are valued as a bundle, not individually. The truth is, premade directory templates are readily available in the internet, and some of them are implemented across several different directories, which means that while they look similar, they aren’t the same. Their listings, guidelines and even the staff who take care of approving or rejecting submitted websites are different. Hence, they must all be treated accordingly to receive a positive impression.

Internet directories can still do a lot for your search engine marketing campaign since they provide a lot of benefits for your website’s SEO, and it
being a linking strategy will be sufficient for new websites to build a reliable
backlink profile, and further improve the credibility of those who have existed longer. Truly, no one should estimate internet directories—they’re made by people, run by people, reviewed by people, for the people.