Wednesday, November 13, 2013

SEO Scams – Don’t Fall Prey

Emerging companies today that want to build up presence in the internet depend on companies that offer online search engine optimization. Often, the worst mistake a company can make is to choose unscrupulous SEO companies that offer lucrative services, with promises of total hegemonic domination on the search results page because theoretically speaking, this feat can be achieved only through building up an enormously good reputation, which could happen in a span of years. If an SEO expert or firm offers you something along the lines of fast first page results in a matter of days, then that should be a warning sign for fraud.

Still, there are lots of ways bad SEO companies do to entice unsuspecting individuals or companies, and some of which are:

1. They claim to have the perfect formula for SEO success

Actually, there’s no secret to have a successful search engine marketing campaign—a combination of right efforts and known techniques to achieve better page ranking in incrementally progressive amounts is well-known throughout the industry. If you ask an SEO firm about how they actually intend to optimize your website, they should be able to answer that after a healthy amount of research about your business, industry and most of all your goals and expectations.

Also, anything you want to know on the topic of optimization can be found in the internet already, whether it’s black hat or white hat, so what you’re really searching for in an SEO company should be experience, not trade secrets.

2. They claim to submit your website to at least a hundred different search engines.

Sure, the further your reach, the better, right? But then again, who will actually use 100 search engines? Do they even exist in the first place? Most likely, a common internet user won’t be able to name even five search engines. That’s why, it’s really important for you to hire an SEO company that would know what search engines your audiences use, because in the search engine marketing and optimization field, quality will always come first before quantity. Besides, submitting your website to two or three of the popular search engines (Google, Yahoo and Bing, for example) will actually make more impact compared to 100 unknown and untrustworthy search engines out there.