Sunday, November 17, 2013

What Internet Directories can do for You – Good SEO!

Built by the sheer efforts of editors, who carefully select what link should be included in their website, Internet directories are still considered to be vital for online search engine optimization. These websites are owned by real
people, and therefore, you as a website owner should know their guidelines
and understand their goals as a directory for your link to be accepted.

This is really crucial despite the fact that directories are smaller and more exclusive, compared to their successors, the search engines. Still, though good internet directories shouldn’t be disregarded, since more often than not, they have a partnership with search engines. This means that the top results from the search engine searches come from internet directories before the spidered results.

There are other benefits with submitting your link to an online directory though, and these are:

It gives you targeted website traffic.
When submitting your link to a web directory, the editors behind it will sort your link to the proper category, even if you unwittingly submit it in the wrong place. This is to ensure that the directory will find the right websites for people (and search engines) based on the category they’re looking for. This is very helpful, since it delivers people that would actually be interested in your website, thus helping your search engine marketing campaign.

It gives you one-way inbound links.
These types of links are really valuable to search engines in determining the reliability and credibility of your website. This is even more so for trustworthy directories, which could really aid you in building a good backlink profile. In addition to that, web directories don’t expect you to put their link in your website in return. This is to ensure that they won’t incur penalties from link-exchanging strategies since this is actively discouraged by search engines.

Submitting your link to various trustworthy web directories won’t hurt your website’s search engine marketing and optimization efforts. And since you’re dealing with humans, this request should also include ethics and the right communication skills, as the decision for this is done manually—meaning human reviewers will actually go to your website and experience it firsthand to be able to make sure that it delivers relevancy and good user experience.

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