Thursday, January 30, 2014

A Web Development Solutions Tip: Early Blog Birds Gets The Worm

70 percent of online users prefer reading blogs first thing in the morning as the research implies. But that doesn’t necessarily mean that they’re not reading blog posts at random times of the day, it just implies that marketers publishing their posts in the morning acquire the most blog reads. Some web developing companies recommend this as well.
It’s almost evident that a typical blog acquires the most visitors occasionally before 11 a.m. or onwards. Posts have the tendency of getting the majority of inbound links (70 percent of blog readers at best) in the morning as the data have shown us. You shouldn't consider this data as basis for your content strategy since it’s still premature.

Bear in mind that every single site feature different types of audiences. You should evaluate variables such as:
Your audiences’ time zones
Keep posted on agile reports
Monitor breaking news sites and use it as basis for your next blog
Use applications such as Google Trends and similar applications
Of course you also need to have a pleasing web graphic design
Consistent and air tight SEO strategy
KISSmetrics have also advised bloggers that they don’t need to be consistent in posting every day. Highly-searched top quality content can have the same effect (and may be even better in the long run). Websites that publish low quality content daily on a massive scale won’t help you rank up but rather the opposite. It’s better to have quality over quantity.
About 43 percent of website design service providers generating high quality content once a month reported that their ROI have increased solely because of this according to Hubspot’s research.
Businesses should consult or rely even more to a worthy website design firm of their own choosing if they want to stay on their SERP positions.

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