Sunday, January 5, 2014

Behavioral Change + Effective Web Development Solutions = Healthy-Happy-Life

Folks exhibit different patterns/sequence of behavior we call “behavioral attributes.” After all, SEO analysts, Web Designers, website hosting and maintenance facilitators frequently take traits/patterns into account to generate user profiles and personas for prospects. And these questions are:

What does a person need to switch from fries for fresh fruit? How will you stimulate someone to make the first step toward better health and well-being? And once they’ve started, how will you ensure all those new, behaviors “stick?”

But are we doing it right? OR are you doing this for any search engine visibility's sake and not for human’s well-being?
A handful of web developers fail to see the importance of “humans first before others.” We should pay more attention on human’s behavioral transformation; they would have the rewards such as:

Large Incentive

Less complicated web design jobs

And (at last after years of treating search engines as deities!) seriously help users live a healthier and better life.

To accomplish this, your method (Content/Social Media/website development) must assimilate the following aspects:

Remarkable - Anchor the new pattern to an old existing one, and don’t forget to compliment them when they’re taken care of.

Social - Provide them simple day-to-day challenges and permit them to share their feats with friends and family.

Fun - An engaging and satisfying game-play experience bridges the gap between people’s motives and actions.

Adaptable - It’s easy to help and support someone who is readily determined to change unhealthy habits. But, have you considered all of those people who aren’t quite there yet? Cultivate web development solutions that support and inspire people to be healthier regardless of what stage they’re in.

Elegant - Why bother creating an app that only a few people utilize?

Efficient - If you’re adding mobile or web development services add-ons, they should be simple and saves twice as much time than what they can do offline.