Tuesday, February 18, 2014

Be Wary of Writing – 2 Fonts You Need to Avoid

Everything in web graphic design contributes to the final product’s overall appearance, and fonts serve a big part in making or breaking its design and without its variety, all websites will just have one typeset. While there are hundreds of fonts available out there, it doesn’t mean that all of them are usable or appropriate for your content. There are some fonts that should be avoided because of various reasons but chief among them is its typography. With that, there are some fonts that should never be used, unless in very special circumstances, because they are simply hard to incorporate to the majority of page designs. Two of these are:
Comic Sans MS

This font has been floating around ever since the year 1994 and considered to be one of the most basic fonts available in the Windows operating system font package. The reason why it should be avoided is because it’s considered as childish and unprofessional. This is due to the fact that it was meant to be used as a font for speech bubbles in comics, hence the name. This shouldn’t be used in websites, unless of course the website is made exclusively for commix or for children. Then again, for children’s sites, there are actually other fonts out there.


The use of this font is highly discouraged by website developers if they want their site to gain attention. The reason for this is that this 1983 font is a misfit for any website and has long since lost its appeal to anyone. In its prime, this font was overused, repeatedly and excessively until it finally lost its true purpose. Its use was so varied in such a scale that people started despising it!


In web designing, the core of this career is originality. Newer designs and ingenious tactics are highly valued in web design jobs. At a certain level, though, conducting experiments and pushing past the set limits are liable to be rewarded with user appreciation. That should be enough incentive for web designers to strive more and go beyond the pre-existing fonts they might have. They should always be on the lookout for something that could “WOW” their viewers—as such, fonts mentioned above should be left behind in order for web designing to advance into the future.