Thursday, February 6, 2014

How Hummingbird Lowers Website Traffic – Find Out!

It’s been months now since Google Hummingbird took flight and took the SEO marketing industry by surprise, yet its prevalence as a hot topic among SEO specialists still proves to be undisputed. This is despite the fact that Google is best known by changing or tweaking its algorithm from time to time, and that these changes are quite consistent and could subsequently be predicted with ease. Still, despite its predictability, websites are still affected by the shifts in rankings, not because people take interest with the ingenuity of the update in its own right; rather, they’re affected because their livelihood depends on it. So, for those who felt the changes with this new update, you might have seen some negative things popping up. Surely, if you are a concerned citizen, this question will have popped in your mind: “How can Google Hummingbird make website traffic disappear?”
The reason for this is simple: a lot of websites, in collaboration with their SEO partners, are still stuck with using the old SEO methods of simply inserting keywords and links to content and call it a day. Before Hummingbird, this was integral; but now, not so much. You could say that the reason for this is because search engines now have reconfigured its criteria in determining website rankings, but looking at the bigger picture, this update has been released due to user expectation when it comes to finding relevant and informative results. So in the past, when a search engine marketing campaign was just run by simple link building and keyword-matching, it generated frustration for searchers, since they didn’t get the information they needed most of the time. In response, Google had to change its algorithms in order to improve its methods of search processing.

So, now you ask yourself, what should be done? Keeping this in mind, there are a
Lot of things you can do like focusing on website visibility, building credibility and authority among other good practices. Still, all should be centered on this idea: Google made these changes as a means of improving their role as a search engine: providing great search results to its users. In retrospect, it is not grounded around keywords and links even from its inception. So, remember this and you’ll have considerable advantage over people still stuck with doing obsolete online search engine optimization methods.

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