Monday, February 17, 2014

How a Web Development Company Creates Spectacular Websites and Designs from Scratch

Having a Web development company to help you out can make your job a lot less difficult whenever you’re having a hard time designing a website and/or other related issues about your website be it offline or online. In case you want to hire them, we’ve presented an overview of how they treat your projects from scratch.
Phase 1
Project Planning – the first phase is simply the brainstorming phase. This is where your project manager discusses to you how to handle things, what to expect, the cost of the services, terms and conditions and a feasibility study concerning you being their client.

Phase 2
System Prerequisite Analysis – The second phase is what we call “the finalized or agreed” design concept of your project. It’s simply the part wherein both parties are finally on the same page.
Phase 3
System Design – This is where website design service comes into play. And to explain it to its simplest definition, it is the process wherein we process diagrams, create screen layouts and other design concepts that the client and the project manager have agreed upon. The project manager will be the one responsible in relaying your desired concept exactly the way you want it to be to the designer.
Phase 4
Implementation – The phase where developers convert codes into design and vice versa.
Phase 5
Website Testing – In short, the QA (Quality Assurance) phase. Website testers will make sure that there are no bugs and if there’s any, exterminate them.
Phase 6
Website Activation – The part where the project manager responsible of managing your account calls you, present the final product prior to its launch and asks if you’re fully satisfied or if you still want a revision of the website.
Phase 7
Hosting and maintenance – All things regardless of how long it will take, would still need to be maintained in order to function properly. This is where web development services offer hosting and maintenance.