Sunday, February 2, 2014

Website Graphic Design Trends You Should Use No More

Sad as it is, old tools, gadgets and even your current web hosting and maintenance service provider that saved you last year might need to be replaced anytime soon. It's the same to the web design industry, trends you think won't be necessary anymore this year should be discarded (if not all) at once.
Sliding Banners - were once very attractive, but not this year. They’ve become such a nuisance or more precise, an eyesore to visitors whenever they visit a site. It also contributes in the decrease of page’s loading speed.

Very long Fill-out forms – All business owners want their websites to convert viewers into customers. In order for that to happen, contact information is vastly utilized to improve and measure traffic visits, number of potential clients and other important aspects. The problem here is that visitors grew tired typing their info into a contact’s page just to read something –remove this. Just use a brief contact fill-out form.
Circular Strip Logos – Had been a hit during the early period of 2YK but not anymore. The same diagnosis should be carried out.
Flash intros – some web development companies are still implementing these kinds of designs on their websites. Remove them immediately. The era of elaborate and overstuffed websites no longer exist. People today prefer choosing flat web design because of its simplicity.
Over Stuffing Fonts
Typography is very important to web design. It’s considered a vital part of web design last year but as we’ve told you a number of times –this is not the Victorian era anymore. There are typo-graphs readily available. Just Google Alert your favorite typography source.
Complicated Design
The year’s mantra for you is change complex into simple. In short, implement Flat Design.
Yes we know they were once great, amazing and all the beautiful synonyms we can attach to them but this is the world we live in, the web graphic design industry –were change is always around the corner.