Saturday, March 22, 2014

Five Strikingly Unconventional Ideas on Creating Custom Web Design

Given the current online environment, having a custom web design is not a big deal anymore. In order for websites to attract more visitors and subsequently encourage them to take another visit in the future, they should also sport relevant and meaty content, creative graphic designs, as well as innovative layout. While it sounds like a simple undertaking, it is definitely a big challenge for designers. Nonetheless, here are some unconventional yet striking ideas on how to start a project with creative and innovative web design:

1.    Start with the Details – Although this is contrasting with a normal designer’s workflow, working the details first could really trigger off your creativity. As you work and attend to small details, you would incrementally get new thoughts and ideas on what to design in other areas of the canvas. In addition, it is highly advisable not to work the layout from top to bottom. Instead, let your creativity bounce around the box and you will definitely be amused as your project progresses.

2.    Don’t Utilize CMS – Undoubtedly, CMS integration is expedient for collaborative projects within a company or organization. However, the usability and convenience offered by CMSs somehow confine the possibilities of starting a project with creative designs. Thus, do not utilize CMS platforms if you really desire to initiate a creative project.

3.    Use Previous Designs as Inspirations, Not as Reference – Even though online galleries that contain web layouts and designs are helpful in getting inspirations, do not attempt to start your project using the design/layout concepts of other designers. As much as possible, come up with your own idea and style. Keep in mind that you will never know what you can do until you start trying on your own.    

4.    Get Out of the Box – While grid systems, such as 960 Grid System, are advantageous not only in aligning custom graphic designs but also in making your content more visible, they restrict designers to look beyond their comfort zone. Always remember that there are no such rules in which your ideas for designing a site are limited within the 960-pixel box only. Avoid the usual designs and try something that you haven’t done before.

5.    Partner-up with Other Designers – In most cases, collaborating with others is not a disadvantage and definitely not a sign of weakness. In fact, working on a team could help you reinforce each other to produce a more creative output.

Drafting a creative design is a discouraging task at first. Still, you could always hire an expert company that provides innovative yet affordable website design services to assist you in every step of the way. 

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