Monday, March 17, 2014

No-Sweat Tips on How to Avoid Mistakes when Choosing Ecommerce Solution

Selecting the most appropriate ecommerce solution and platform for your online store is certainly a risky and complicated process. This undertaking becomes even trickier given the number of available providers that business owners need to choose from. Nonetheless before you proceed to the selection process, you must be cognizant of the fact that ecommerce platforms, no matter how enormous or obscure they are, usually accommodate business demands using several approaches that are normally aimed at different markets. In order to help you go through this process, here are some easy-to-follow tips on how to avoid common mistakes when selecting an ecommerce platform.

1.    Understand Upfront and Subsequent Charges – One of the common mistakes of people when choosing a platform is that they tend to fall for advertising messages too easily. Cunning phrases such as “flat rate” or “flat percentage” are the ones that commonly lure them in, thinking that the companies with these rates also provide the most favorable cost-to-benefit ratio for the ecommerce service. Apparently, this is one big incorrect line of thinking that you should stay clear from as well. As much as possible, request the companies with exact figures about their upfront and subsequent charges. If you are looking for standalone ecommerce software, compute the total amount by adding together the purchasing price as well as the other necessary charges for software development, web hosting, and SSL certificate. For hosted solutions, make certain to find out how much is the provider’s transaction fees, setup fees, monthly charges, and web hosting charges.

2.    Do your Assignment- Research! – Most of the time, companies that extend marketing and call center services, or sells e-commerce packages/software would absolutely stress the speed and efficiency of their product or service. Nevertheless, don’t easily fall for their sales talk. Instead, do your comprehensive research about the company- its reputation, previous clients, and satisfactory ratings.

3.    Make Sure the Platform is Secure – With the increasing number of credit card fraud cases, your topmost priority should be the protection of your ecommerce store. When looking for a platform, ask the company if they are PCI and PA-DSS compliant. Unlike before, these security measures are now a must for every store/shop that wishes to do business online.

In a nutshell, it would be a smart move if you clarify all the details about the platform first before acquiring or subscribing to it. If you are unsatisfied with the exposure and traffic of your ecommerce store, it is advisable to hire an expert firm that provides affordable web design and SEO services to assist you in establishing a separate website that will amplify the reach and traffic of your online enterprise.