Wednesday, March 5, 2014

Responsive Web Designs as Your Best SEO Strategy for Mobile Devices

Certainly, we are now living in a more technologically-advanced environment where smartphones, tablets, and personal computers are becoming more indispensable for our daily existence. In fact, about one out of five people throughout the world already has a smartphone as of December 2013. Given this rapid step-up in the number of mobile users who access the internet, businesses also start seeing the importance of having mobile-friendly websites. Currently, a approximated 67% of mobile phone users admit purchasing from a mobile-friendly site. And if your previous site heavily depends on SEO alone, it would be advantageous to also start having responsive web designs. Below are the reasons why these can be your best best SEO strategy for mobile:   

  1. Google highly recommends them. Because Google owns about 2/3 of the search market share, most search marketers actually listen to them whenever they speak. Essentially, Google recommends websites to use a responsive web design as their mobile configuration because it will allow them to have a single URL and a similar HTML no matter what devices is being utilized. Reciprocally, this will permit Google to crawl, index, and organize the contents of the sites more efficiently.

In addition, Google also urges websites to have responsive web designs in order to permit users to easily create links, interactions, and share the content. This alone could provide a better user experience compared to having a different mobile website, aside from the main site.

  1. One website, multiple devices. One of the unique aspects of a responsive website design is that it could deliver a very good user-experience across various devices that have different screen resolutions and sizes. Indeed, this is a very important feature because you never know what devices people would utilize to visit your site. Doubtlessly, a site that adroitly functions regardless of these variables would certainly leave a better and more coherent user-experience than a separate mobile website that is designed for a single screen size or device only.

  1. These are manageable. If you have a desktop site with a separate mobile site, this entails that you should run two varying search engine marketing campaigns. However, wouldn’t it be much easier to handle and manage a single site with responsive web design and a single SEO campaign than running two different sites and campaigns? Apparently, this is one vantage of having responsive mobile website than having two separate sites.            


In a nutshell, a responsive web design is ideal not only for search engine optimization purposes, but also for improving the user-experience of your visitors. If you are experiencing difficulty in this transition, you could always turn to a professional firm that offers expert opinions about responsive web designs, custom web design ideas, and other affordable website design services.