Thursday, April 24, 2014

Maximizing Slideshare for your Search Engine Marketing Campaign

Because of the reality that a big portion of marketing has shifted from offline to online, business enterprises today have more “plans of attack” when it comes to brand development and awareness. Nonetheless, companies should recognize how their target clientele tries to look for information about their services or products in order to make the most of their search engine marketing campaign.

Posting and sharing quality content in other websites don’t only allow businesses to touch base with a large number of audience, but would also allow them to achieve higher content ranking for specific keywords in search engines. Successively, these can lead to increased brand exposure, which eventually translates to more site visitors.

Today, Slideshare is one of the most popular content websites that offer nifty exposure to a business website. In fact, this is a leading platform for publishing and sharing PowerPoint contents. Consequently, provided below are some effective ways on how to draw in visitors to your website through Slideshare.

1.    Make sure that your presentation is optimized – From the SEO standpoint, your every presentation should include a title, short description, and tag upon publishing. Make sure that your keywords are well distributed throughout your presentation. Moreover, allow your visitors to download your content so that Slideshare would know how many of their users are very much interested in your presentation.

2.    Share and market your presentation – After publishing your content, share it to different social networking sites such as Google+, Twitter, and Facebook. However according to seo specialists, you should also market your presentation to other social media channels like Quora and LinkedIn groups because they are an expedient platform to share your content to business professionals. In addition, try to interact with your visitors by calling forth their thoughts regarding your presentation, and responding to their subsequent questions.

Another beneficial thing about Slideshare is that they honor presentations with the highest volume of visitors daily through “highlighted presentations”. Slideshare highlights 16 contents every single day. Even though three of these are allotted for paid presentations, the remaining 13 slots are still a good opportunity for marketing your content for free!


In order to make the most of Slideshare as part of your seo strategy, make certain to increasingly develop a deeper value for your every content-presentation. You can achieve this by constantly marketing it through the above-named platforms, sharing it at least once a week in social networking sites, and monitoring it to determine if it is effective in redirecting visitors into your main website.