Friday, April 4, 2014

New Web Trends that Might compel you to Reconsider your Web and Graphics Design

As of Q2 of 2014, there are dozens of new web trends that make enterprises and companies reconsider their current web and graphics design. These fresh approaches in design and graphics are progressively pitching the ways visitors interact with websites, how they distinguish a brand, and how they take part with the company as a whole. Some of these trends that continuously make noise in the web design industry include parallax design and the use of stories as design.

All You Need to Know about Parallax Design

In essence, parallax design uses various layers of graphics at different speeds to create an animation. As the website visitor scrolls down the page, all the images will come together, producing an animated presentation. Recently, content marketing campaigns, promotional websites, and sales pages have been using this design method to effectively engage with their visitors. Parallax design really makes a page interactive and allows enterprises to demonstrate various aspects of their services or products in a manner that absolutely leave their prospective customers in awe.

One of the best examples of parallax design is a comic strip where the backdrop as well as the characters move as the user scrolls down, seeming like an animated flip book. Popular brands such as Apple have been known to utilize this method to introduce their products, and they have obtained astonishing outcomes.

Storytelling: What is it?

This is a design concept that revolves around the utilization of visual content and presentations to draw visitors in. Essentially, storytelling sets a story-oriented setting and uses progressions to absorb users further in the whole extent of their browsing experience. One great example of this method is infographics as it employs visually-appealing graphics along with succinct yet meaty content to attract visitors, and to subsequently provide them with a structure to arrange and integrate the content in their minds. With this feature, this is the most expedient method for explaining tedious and complicated concepts, topics, or products/services so that companies can deliver a much more effective brand message to their target customers.  

Designing via storytelling is one of the best web and graphic design trends today for two main reasons. First, it doesn’t directly advertise a product/service to users. Second, stories are chiefly used to inform and educate people in an entertaining way. This tactic is believed to yield higher sales and client engagement compared to traditional direct selling schemes.


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