Tuesday, May 20, 2014

4 Factual Reasons Why Even the Best Search Engine Optimization Company Commits Mistakes

One of the popular notions about search engine optimization is that this industry only requires little effort. However, this conception is both true and false because employing basic SEO can be stress-free, but making sure that all your efforts remain effective in the long-run can be very difficult. Hence, the explanation of “easy entry in the market” is actually an insufficient reason why even the best seo company fails.

Nonetheless, this blog post details out the actual reasons behind their failure:
1.    They Focus on SEO’s Technical Aspect – In reality, only 20 percent of the entire SEO is technical. The remaining 80 percent is about developing a content strategy. Back then, it is the opposite, but not anymore. Therefore, SEO firms should center their services on developing a nifty content strategy. While the technical facet is still very much needed, companies should not pour all their efforts on it.

2.    They Target Multiple and Different Key Phrases – Some SEO firms are actually confusing Google by targeting multiple yet unrelated key phrases in a single page. For this reason, they should only target around one to three related key phrases. They should stay clear from targeting more than 10 key phrases that are not related to each other like “Florida movers” and “Florida pizza delivery”. Rather, a good example of key phrases would be “Miami tabletops” and “Miami tabletops repair”.

3.    They Don’t Brainstorm Internally – One of the practices of successful SEO companies today is that they try to solve a problem by thinking intensely and discussing about it. Always remember that two heads are better than one. Therefore, meet your clients more frequently to brainstorm with them on how you can have the best seo strategy.

4.    They Concentrate on Ranking a Website, Not Web Pages – In truth, Google ranks web pages, not websites! Indeed, one of the biggest failures of SEO firms is that they concentrate too much on increasing the ranking of a website. However, they should be talking about how to boost the ranking of the website’s pages, especially its landing pages.

Final Words

Although it is easy to enter the SEO industry, the real challenge is how to remain competitive in the long run. Hence, learn from the past mistakes of the best search engine optimization company if you do not want yours to end up committing the same mistakes.