Sunday, June 29, 2014

5 Best Search Engine Optimization Practices for Video Optimization

Integrating videos into online marketing strategies is becoming a norm in the contemporary search engine optimization (SEO) environment. As a matter of fact, even the best seo company strongly suggests video optimization for it normally adds more value to your content compared to the traditional text-heavy write-ups. In this manner, you can give your readers with more engaging and interesting content, and in return, they would voluntarily share it making your content to be viral across the internet.

However, vide SEO is somehow a new field to explore so you definitely need to consider a few things. Nonetheless, provided below are some proven practices to enhance your video SEO:

1.    Choose Your Video Host – Of course, the first step is to create and ready your video. After this, you must decide where to host your video. Most marketers choose YouTube for it is the most popular search engine for videos. On top of that, ranking in YouTube is relatively easier than other platforms. However, you still need to keep in mind several factors in order for your video to gain maximum exposure. These include the title, tags, keywords, and description.

2.    Insert Your Target Keywords – Placing keywords can be your best search engine optimization tactic to optimize videos. Just like a normal piece of content, the bots will use your keywords to determine your video content. However when placing keywords within your content, make certain that they sound naturally and not coerced.

3.    Catchy and Optimized Title Is a Must – Although it seems a simple undertaking to make, creating a catchy title is actually hard because you want it to make appealing to your audience while you need to place keywords for the bots. Therefore, you should spend some time creating an eye-catching and keyword-optimized title.

4.    Create a Detailed Description – Remember: YouTube bots can’t watch your video so they will rely on your written content to know the content of your video. And the description area is where you will place this textual content. Write a detailed description and insert keywords as much as possible.

5.    Insert Tags – Tags are important for videos. These will determine where your video will be categorized so utilize important keywords and related key phrases.  

Additional Tip

If you desire for a better result, consult with the best search engine optimization company to assist you in spreading the word about your video through link building, social sharing, and syndication.