Tuesday, June 17, 2014

Search Engine Optimization and Marketing News: Mobile Now Dominates Consumer Purchase Process

According to the recent 3rd Annual U.S. Mobile Path-to-Purchase Study, mobile now dominates the customer buying decision processes. What’s intriguing in their findings is that nearly 66% of mobile-driven transactions take place offline. Nevertheless, this data is of critical importance among search engine optimization and marketing professionals across the globe.

In essence, the study discovered that mobile is incessantly taking over the desktop as a tool to search for products, services, or location spits. Nowadays, people are spending ample amount of time on the tablets or smartphones, accounting to a whopping 64% of total time spent online. As point of fact, approximately 40% of mobile consumers see mobile as the most convenient tool for arriving at a purchasing decision. Nonetheless, offline activities remain to play a huge role because about 5 out of 10 consumers still visit physical stores, with 6$ of them complete their transactions offline.

Although the impact of this increased mobile utilization is highly noticeable, one must not think of it as limited to on-device activities only. As more and more people want to make a purchasing decision quicker and more locally, mobile also serves as an important tool for driving in-store activities.

With almost 66% of mobile consumers typically end up buying a product or availing a service, a search engine marketing solution that is geared towards this audience is highly necessary. Furthermore, most mobile activities take place at the beginning of purchase cycle. Even though only 20% of mobile users posited that they specifically knew what they are looking for, 65% of them completed their purchases within the day. The results are much favorable to entertainment companies and restaurants since the research-to-purchase cycle is prompter at 64% and 51% respectively. What’s more is that, these consumers completed their business transaction within an hour.

Final Thoughts

Aside from increase mobile device utilization and more immediate research-to-purchase cycle, the study also discovered that 50% of mobile consumers always look for the store’s proximity. As a matter of fact, the location lookups, together with the price, still carry the most weight in all purchase-related activities.

With the given findings, you surely can’t afford not to have search engine marketing services that are focused on catering the needs of the ever-expanding mobile customers.