Sunday, June 22, 2014

Social Media Networking: Maximizing Pinterest, SEO-wise

With the growing popularity of various social media networking websites, business enterprises are starting to draw advantages from them to increase their web visibility. Aside from the social media giants Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, and Google+, Pinterest is also earning equal reputation among marketers because of its capacity to rev up traffic and extend brand’s each. Nevertheless, in order to achieve this, you need to boost your presence in search result pages first.

Provided below are some ways how to make the most of Pinterest with regards to SEO:

1.    Profile: Use it to Your Advantage – The “About” section can actually do more wonders than merely presenting yourself. Make sure to fill up all the pertinent information and don’t miss placing your website’s URL. However, don’t just fill up your profile page, present your information in a remarkable and unique way. In addition, insert your target keywords within the description. If your business website is catering a local market, it is very important to fill in your location as well. Moreover, make certain that the search privacy of your profile is turned off so people could easily find it in search results.

2.    Boards: Optimize Them! – When selecting names for your boards, make the catchy, descriptive, and keyword-optimized. As a prominent seo company recommends, the names of your boards should sound personal while the target keywords are embedded into them. Eventually, an optimized board is likely to rank well in search result pages.

3.    Pins: Rename Them! – If you are uploading pins from your own hard drive, then you have the total control over their file names. Use this to your advantage by inserting relevant keywords in their names. Actually, search engines considers file names so changing them is definitely worthy of your time and effort.

4.    Pin Items from Your Website – If someone pins something on a particular web page, a link to that website will appear alongside with the pin. This signifies that new links are created every time some pins or re-pins something on your web page. Although these links are not as valuable as organic links, they are essential in magnifying the quantity of your followers.     

While using Pinterest, keeping SEO in mind would surely help you maximize your marketing efforts in this platform. By placing relevant keywords in the right sections, you can significantly enhance your ranking. If you need professional assistance in executing the above-mentioned ways, you could always turn to an expert search engine marketing firm.