Thursday, June 12, 2014

The Best SEO Strategy to Combat Scraper Websites

Without a doubt, unique content is what helps websites climb all the way to search result’s top spot. Consequently, most online search engine optimization efforts are centered on creating and perfecting quality content hoping that Google would look favorably on their sites.

Unfortunately, some unprincipled websites abuse this as they steal existing content verbatim, and pass it on claiming that it is their own content. These spammy websites are called “scraper websites” and they are definitely a nuisance in this industry for two reasons. Firstly, they only devalue the original content they’ve stolen, and secondly, they greatly affect the page ranking of the site where the content is published originally.

Ever since, heaps of websites have been struck by these scraper websites and there is nothing as agonizing as witnessing your hard work being robbed and even profiting unscrupulous sites in search engine result pages. Gratefully, Google has launched a solution that can be your best  seo strategy to combat these sites regarding content and page ranking.

Report a Scraper Website

Recently, Google adds a feature that allows webmasters to file a report against scraper sites. Reporting is actually easy and would only take a few steps to accomplish. Just go to Google’s Scraper Report page, and then place the original website’s URL as well as the URL of the scraper site. In addition, the report page will ask you to enter the URL of the search results (showing that they’ve outranked you). Lastly, before you submit the report, make sure that the original website is following the webmaster guidelines and hasn’t received any penalties in the recent past.

Nonetheless, there is no exact verification yet on what Google would do with this information, and there is no guarantee that filing a report will automatically solve the problem and would instantly enhance your ranking over the scraper site. However on the bright side, one thing is certain- Google is starting the campaign to even out the scale when it comes to publishing content and page ranking.


Posting and distributing content without the permission of the author/owner is indeed a widespread problem in today’s search engine marketing environment. In order to shield your content efforts, the best means is to report the scraper website at once. Moreover, to protect your page ranking, it is advisable to consult with the best seo company on how to adjust your optimization strategies with these scraper sites in mind.