Tuesday, July 29, 2014

4 Website Creation Tips for Mobile Sites

Apparently, the traffic from mobile devices such as smartphones and tablets are catching up with those coming from desktop. Because of this, having a mobile website is now a necessity rather than option. Provided below are some features of an effective mobile website that you should remember especially if you are about to hire a website design service in the future.

#1: Add Click-to-call Functionality
81 percent of all conversions (purchases through calls and store visits) are induced by a mobile search. What’s more interesting is that all these transactions happened the same day the mobile search is conducted! With this noteworthy stats, it is crucial for website visitors to be able to contact your business easily. One of the most convenient ways to achieve this is by adding a click-to-call functionality. This allows visitors to contact your business in just a tap.

#2: Make Your Navigation as Simple as Possible

Always keep in mind that visitors are viewing your site in a small screen so make sure that your website’s navigation is easy to handle. Seasoned web designers recommend vertical navigation over horizontal navigation if your website necessitates scrolling. Moreover, keep only the important menu categories and ensure that all of them are clickable enough.

#3: Include Maps
Another beneficial mobile website creation practice is to include a map of your business. Mobile users are more likely away from their homes and are searching for nearby businesses where they can personally visit. Furthermore, providing your visitors a means to locate your business location accurately is significant in amplifying your foot traffic.

#4: Clickable Call-to-actions (CTAs)

It is hard to be precise when clicking in mobile devices so in order to increase the user-friendliness of your mobile website, make all your essential buttons clickable. As much as possible, make your clickable buttons about 44x44 pixels and make certain that there’s sufficient space around them to prevent any mis-click occurrences.

Final Words
The next time you sit with your website design firm, make sure to talk about these features in order to safeguard the success of your mobile website.