Thursday, July 10, 2014

Search Engines Marketing Tips to Handle Panda 4.0 Penalties

After the Panda 4.0 update roll out has been confirmed and the list of biggest “winners” and “losers” is seen, a lot of search engine optimization specialists were baffled on what to do next especially if their website received penalties. If you’re one of these people who experience penalties, the most prudent set of actions to do is to recover from the Panda 4.0 penalty and execute measures to make your website Panda-friendly.
Provided below are some tips and guidelines to make sure that your content is friendly to the current standards of algorithm update.

Generate Quality Content
Based on the update, Google really wants websites to focus on generating unique and original content. Websites that are caught duplicating content, on- and off-page, immediately receive penalties such as major loss in ranking and traffic.
Similar to previous algorithm update, Google prioritizes websites that create quality content for they actually help Google make the search engine environment a fruitful and informative place for people. So if you want Google to look favorably in your website, make it a habit to create content that is fresh, informative, and engaging. Always make sure that your content will be valuable to your readers before publishing it. Make it entertaining and professional at the same time.  
Tailored Content to Increase Engagement
Because the current search engines marketing trend circulates around creating quality content, your audience identification and engagement should be connected to it. This implies that you shouldn’t write about anything under the sun. Your content should cater a particular group of people. To say the least, your content should be tailored on your target audience.
In introducing your content, you can use storytelling to hook your readers in and connect with them on a personal level. In this manner, they are more likely to read your content down to its last sentence.

As you might notice, the two guidelines to recover from Panda 4.0 penalties are about creating quality content. In fact, this is the best seo strategy given the latest algorithm update. Keep working on generating content that is worthy of reading and sharing, and all your hard work and efforts will surely be rewarded by Google.