Tuesday, August 19, 2014

Annoying Web Design Trends that Every Designer Should Avoid

Casual web surfers and seasoned internet users have surely went through, at one point of their browsing experience, annoying web design features. Vexing terms aside, the root cause of user’s negative web experience is the monetization attempts of websites especially those that manages to acquire loads of traffic.

So what are these annoying features that creep around the internet today?

Provided below are some of them.

#1: Social Media Popups
Lots of websites are increasingly getting desperate at increasing the number of their following in different social media channels so they subject their visitors to social media pop-ups whenever they visit the homepage. Even though there is nothing wrong with displaying social media plugins, website owners should know the fine line between exaggeration and subtle exhibition of their social media channels. In addition, website owners should realize that people would voluntarily like/follow their social media profiles because they find the site’s content relevant and informative, not because they are just pushed to do so.
#2: Video Advertisements
Another annoying trend in website creation and designing is the employment of video advertisements that pop ups on screen instantly. The problem is that these ads often have loud audios that make your speakers or earphones banging. Needless to say, this can be very displeasing in a quiet environment. What’s worse than this, is that these advertisements continuously appear in every webpage of the domain. While these ads are a nifty source of income for websites, they are detrimental in terms of user experience.
#3: Monotonous Slideshows
There is nothing more thwarting for some people than discovering a potentially interesting write-up to be divided into several slideshows. Naturally, slideshows are still a great way for content presentation, but mobile device users would surely find them a big no-no.
A couple of slides is totally acceptable, but with more than 20 slides? Think again. The main reason why slideshows are annoying is that readers feel like they are being forced to click the “next” link and access all the slides in order to read the whole content. Instead of utilizing slideshows, one can present their content into a visually-appealing and consolidated manner where visitors can read and consume it in one sitting.
If you don’t want to experience the negative user experiences brought by the abovementioned web design trends, make sure to hire professional web design companies only because they take their web design jobs very seriously. And by seriously, it entails that they can design a website with the user’s best web experience in mind.