Sunday, August 10, 2014

Changing a Web Hosting Provider? Try Considering These Things

There are heaps of reasons why people and companies desire to leave their existing web hosting provider and move to another. Oftentimes, these reasons include recurrent downtime, not enough storage space or bandwidth, or because of incompetent customer support and service.
Although many people believed that switching to a new web hosting provider is a daunting task to make, in reality, it is not that complicated as they say. All you need to do is consider these things:

#1: Closing Your Old Account? Think Again
As much as possible, keep your existing account active while preparing your new account to another web hosting and maintenance provider. Why? This is because the “transition” period needs time and ample preparation in order for your website to not experience any downtime or maintenance. As soon as you are certain to switch between providers, set up your new account, backup and transfer all your files, and modify the DNS.
#2: Type of Operating System (OS)
If your website requires MSSQL, MSACCESS, ASP, and other Microsoft-specific technologies, then try looking for a web hosting plan that is perfectly suitable for a Windows platform. This is essential in order for your website to perform seamlessly in the long run.
#3: Disk Space and Bandwidth
As mentioned earlier, these two are included in the usual reasons why people hop into other web hosting provider. So before signing up, make sure that you know everything about their disk space and bandwidth requirements and features. Moreover, some providers don’t offer FTP access so transferring your files from the old server into the new one will not be easy.

Tip: Always have a backup copy of all your important web files.
#4: Double Check Email Address
In the new provider, you can still use your existing email address but make certain to set it up correctly so that all your messages will be sent accordingly.
#5: DNS Setting
After considering the first four, the next thing you need to do is tweak your DNS (Domain Name Server/System) settings according to your preference. Website hosting providers usually provide this once the signing up is duly completed by the client. As soon as you have received this, replace your existing DNS setting with the new one. Typically, this can be done through your domain management panel.
Keep in Mind

The new DNS would take 1-2 days to propagate. Hence, during this period, your previous website hosting and maintenance company is still responsible for your website. Once your new account is up and running, then it is the time to cancel your old subscription.