Thursday, August 28, 2014

Testimonials from Our Albuquerque, New Mexico Business Clients

Albuquerque is known for three things. First, it is the most populous city in the state of New Mexico. Second, it is now located strategically at the state’s center of Technology Corridor - an area where most high-tech private corporations as well as government institutions are located. Third, Forbes Magazine has named Albuquerque as the country’s hotbed for business. Because of these, the number of business enterprise in the city is continuously rising, making the professional Albuquerque, New Mexico web design firms more in-demand.

Silver Connect Web Design, LLC is one of the web design and development firms that helped business owners in the city make their way into the digital marketplace. Here are some of the good words straight from the business owners:

MDA Remodeling

“We are truly grateful that we have coordinated with Silver Connect Web Design, LLC in setting up our business website. Their design is very professional-looking and appealing, making our website attract more prospective customers from time to time.”
-- Ruben Medina, MDA Remodeling Owner
Sporting a 19-year solid experience, MDA Remodeling is truly a seasoned home remodeling contractor in Albuquerque. They are known for their provision of complete and dependable services for all phases of construction.

BMG Construction, LLC

“All I can say is Silver Connect has done a very impressive design for our website. To boot, they helped us amplify our customer reach in New Mexico.”
-- Luis, Owner of BMG Construction, LLC

BMG Construction, LLC is also a remodeling specialist that is based in Santa Fe- the neighbor city of Albuquerque. However, this doesn’t stop them from servicing both cities and their surrounding areas. Aside from providing custom renovations for residential and commercial properties, they can also provide construction and maintenance services. Moreover, they are the perfect company to call to whenever you need someone to beautify or conduct exterior/interior upgrades.

Good Times DJ Service
“The flow of our gigs and bookings became continuous upon having a website with Silver Connect Web Design, LLC. I guess it’s the most lucrative decision I’ve made so far. I raise my tunes and mixer to these guys!”

-- Allen Gallegos, Owner of Good Times DJ Service

Good Times DJ Service is a leading provider of DJ, MC, and entertainment services in Albuquerque. It is their utmost commitment to never fail their customers by giving a lively and memorable ambiance for their parties/events. They got good music quality, outstanding stage presence, and of course, affordable rates! So, whenever you need professionals to pep up your guests, they are just a dial away!

Interested in becoming a satisfied business client in the future? We will be more than willing to discuss with you our services including affordable website design in Albuquerque, New Mexico