Thursday, September 25, 2014

5 Reasons Why Detroit Business Websites should Choose Dedicated Server over a Virtual Private Server

There are heaps of available options when it comes to website hosting in Detroit, Michigan, and some of the favorable options in the city include dedicated server and virtual private server (VPS). Normally, your final choice between the two will be driven by a lot of factors such as website nature, traffic and, of course, budget. Nevertheless, if you are certain to choose between the two, here are five reasons why choosing a dedicated server is actually better than a VPS.

#1: Higher Level of Security
In spite of the fact that virtualization platforms are “fortified” at the hypervisor level, you should keep in mind that not all hosting solutions are created equal in terms of level of security. Virtualization platforms are, in the first place, an environment where you share with tens to thousands of other people. The only way to ensure that your data is extremely isolated and safe from others is through a dedicated server.

#2: More Reliable When It Comes to Performance
One of the major problems in using a VPS server is it tends to get inconsistent when it comes to performance. As a matter of fact, if you attempt benchmarking a VPS server at different times in a day under the same traffic conditions, you might also acquire different results. Some Detroit web hosting and maintenance providers allow their clients to rev up the CPU usage but this does not guarantee that they can use this extra power whenever they need it. With a dedicated server, however, you are permitted to use all CPU resources at your disposal.

#3: More Room for Upgrade and Development
The VPS options offered by most companies come in fixed configurations, leaving no room for upgrade and development. However, dedicated server is a much more flexible solution because it allows you to upgrade your server without the need to reinstall your whole system.

#4: More Convenient and Easy to Use
Some web hosting companies provide dedicated hosting services that come with exclusive and custom control center, allowing their clients to have full control over their network configurations as well as server hardware.

#5: More Value for the Same Price
Cost will always be a major factor in choosing a web hosting service. Nevertheless, value is even more important. In fact, if you are to notice, the usual price between dedicated solutions and VPS in the market doesn’t have a wide gap. There is a substantial difference, however, in the value delivered because the flexibility and features that a dedicated server can offer.

These are the five reasons why you should choose a dedicated server over a VPS. If you are convinced in taking your website into a dedicated server, it is highly advisable to hire an expert and reliable web hosting company in Detroit, MI for professional and prompt assistance and support.