Sunday, September 14, 2014

Guest Blogging Is Dead! - But Not According To Jacksonville SEO Specialists

In today’s marketing milieu, blogging is a tried and tested way of amplifying brand reach and awareness. Regrettably, some Florida-based businesses still neglect this very significant marketing aspect. Naturally, SEO experts in Jacksonville, FL would recommend you to regard blogging especially when drafting a social media strategy. In fact, blogging alone can be as hefty as a great Facebook or Twitter campaign.

Guest Blogging: Is It Dead?
In contrast to popular notion, guest blogging is still alive and kicking! Nevertheless, the shady schemes that use guest blogging mainly for earning links are those that recently received Google’s wrath. These schemes do not employ “guest” bloggers to post on their blogs; instead, they are also the ones who are posting. What’s worse is, the post is usually a spun or rewritten article. Apparently, they are only after the links and not the content value. This kind of guest blogging is certainly dead. On the contrary, the more “sincere” way of guest blogging is still flourishing and is search-engine friendly.

Its Usefulness
Jacksonville SEO specialists have acknowledged that most of their flourishing clients have harvested remarkable benefits from employing guest bloggers to help make their blog operational even with busy schedules. Naturally, guest blogging is not the total solution and you still need to actively post in order for your readers to not lose interest.

In the event that you love to write and your time permits you, consider guest blogging for other reputable sites. Producing awesome guest blogs is a proven way to “soft market” your business; not to mention that it is also an established way to drive traffic back to your corporate website. The bottom line is, writing quality content for guest blogging is a win-win scenario for your business.

Its Effectiveness
Guest blogging can now be carried out much easier with the help of social media applications like the BufferApp. With this application, users can schedule posting their content in multiple websites and social media platforms. As a matter of fact, a company can have up to 100,000 new users in just nine months simply by writing 150 guest blogs for other websites!

So, if you desire this wonderful result, consult with an expert company today that provides competitive SEO solutions including content management. Surely, genuine guest blogging is still a useful and effective SEO strategy that will help your online business flourish more.