Tuesday, September 23, 2014

Miami SEO Specialists: The Significance of Learning the Fundamentals of Keyword Research

It has been an incessant argument among Miami search engine optimizationspecialists and experts if there is really a “best” way in executing keyword research. If you attempt to find the answer for yourself, you will definitely find dozens of online forums and guides that suggest multiple things. Nonetheless, you should know that there is actually no single “best” or “most correct” keyword research method. Rather, SEO practitioners and marketers only build their own methods based on the fundamentals. Subsequently, they fine tune these processes along the way to ensure that their research still produces the most optimal result for their own campaign.

For this reason, this blog post talks about the bare essentials of keyword research to help you build your own solid method.

Basically, the objective of keyword research is to come up with a list of exact and relevant words and phrases that your target searchers are using in search engines. Keyword research covers both organic (SEO) as well as pay-per-click (PPC) campaigns. So, while doing the research, you should place yourself in the shoes of your target searchers to determine the possible keywords they might use while searching for a product/service to fulfill their wants and needs.

Intention of Keywords
Keywords will remain as mere words unless you put an intent to them. Actually, it is essential to put an intent for your keywords whether these are for customers who are comparing products/services, for consumers who are ready to buy, or for developing brand awareness in general. Needless to say, the intention for your keywords must be your chief consideration while doing the research. While this might seem like a research overkill, it is essential to have a thriving search engine optimization strategy.

Keyword Research Structure
Just like most marketing endeavor or process, the foundation of a keyword research looks like a funnel. It starts with collecting general keywords, then filtering these to come up with specific and long-tail keywords, and ultimately, deciding which of these are the most optimal for the campaign. Essentially, this funnel comprises four stages:

  • Gather Phase – Obtaining words that are distinct to your business
  • Gathering “Some More” Phase – Narrowing down the obtained keywords to see which of these could be used as long-tail keywords
  • Filter Phase – Separate keywords to determine which of these can be used for the campaign
  • Monitor Phase – Once the keywords are applied, monitor these and update your list as needed

Certainly, every search engine optimization specialist in Miami has honed their nifty keyword research methods by bearing in mind the basics. You don’t need to follow exactly the given format; instead, regard these four essentials as a guide to help you understand the fundamentals behind keyword research and how to “correctly” do it.