Sunday, September 21, 2014

Online Marketing Presence in Memphis: Website or Facebook Page?

So you have determined to begin establishing an online presence for your starting or already thriving business in Memphis, Tennessee. Your partner recommends that website creation in Memphis is your best bet, while your teenage relative recommends setting up a Facebook page mainly because it will not cost you a dime, and your business can actually reach millions of users.

Unquestionably, you are not the only person who went through such predicament. In fact, both of these are really great options. Nonetheless, you need to select one that you will prioritize. This choice is pivotal especially for small and start-up businesses because your choice will somehow shape the path of your success in online marketing.

What will you choose first?

Facebook Page
It is very easy to create a Facebook page. Actually, you can set up a business or fan page in Facebook in a jiffy. Just signup, write, then post! Voila! All your followers will receive what you have written. Needless to say, Facebook and other social media platforms provide businesses an extra mile when it comes to promotion, reach and brand building. Moreover, these pages allow businesses to enhance customer relations without going over their set marketing budget.

However, most web development company in the city would highly recommend business owners to consider having their own website as part of their long-term marketing plan.

Here’s why:

Own Website
In truth, you have no full ownership and control over your Facebook and other social media pages. Facebook can change its policies, lose their data, or just shut down their operation, all at their own will. Furthermore, not all your target clientele is on Facebook. For instance, majority of Facebook users in the United States are women from 18 to 25 years old. What if your business caters to men’s or children’s apparel? Think about it!

In addition to that, showing a Facebook URL does not actually deliver the tone of professionalism that a website URL does. Some customers prefer to deal with businesses that have their own website URL. Hence, having your own site is important and vital on how your business will be perceived online.

While a Facebook page is free, creating your own website is not that costly as you think. Heaps of web hosting providers offer expert yet affordable Memphis web development solutions . Capitalize these services because they are practically worth all the investment. The moment you have your own “,” your business is already set for a strong and lucrative path.