Sunday, October 12, 2014

3 Reasons Why Local SEO is a Must!

In Raleigh, North Carolina, there are handyman service providers, hairdressers, flower shops and auto repair garages that everyone recommend to their friends and colleagues verbally. Nonetheless, even though the most prominent business in the city can acquire leads every day through this sort of recommendation, search engine optimization specialists in Raleigh will suggest local SEO or local online marketing.

Majority of consumers nowadays are on the go. This implies that they are looking for information online with the use of their mobile devices. The traditional way of scouring the Yellow Pages and local newspaper is gone. Today, consumers find the internet more convenient in acquiring the information they need before purchasing a product or availing a service. Aside from the unmatched convenience this method offers, the internet also provides their desired information in a fast manner. Therefore, if your local business is not making some noise online, then you are definitely missing something big.

Why Local SEO?

#1: The Data Say It All
The benefits of incorporating a good local SEO plan are backed up by case studies, hard facts and statistics. According to the studies conducted by ConStat, BIA, and Kelsey, 97 percent of all consumers today are using different online channels to shop locally. Most of them use search engines, 40 percent of them use shopping websites for comparison purposes, and 48 percent use online Yellow Pages and other local directories. Moreover, 83 percent of people who are visiting local websites follow up their online research with an offline action. This action can be making a phone call, sending an email for further inquiry, visiting the store physically, or making a purchase.

#2: Increased Local Search Visibility
With the data given above, it is safe to assume that there are many people who prefer looking for products or services that can be purchased near their area. Local SEO can help business grab these available opportunities by helping their website appear on search engine result pages (SERPs) every time customers do a local search.

#3: Better Offline and Online Reputation
By incorporating a strategic local SEO plan, your website can go upwards to the top spots of SERPs. The more people it can attract, the higher its chance of converting them into actual leads, which can be translated into actual sales. In addition, pulling them into your website is also a big opportunity to advance your relationship with them. Maybe urging them to follow you on social media or winning them over to patronize your brand. As a result, these will help you achieve a better brand reputation both online and offline.

Online marketing is certainly one of the essential business strategies of today. If you are ready to dominate your local area, set up a meeting with a professional Raleigh SEO marketing company today!