Tuesday, October 7, 2014

3 Responsive Web Design Myths That Need To Be Barred

With the uninterrupted popularity of mobile devices as a tool for surfing the internet, majority of web design jobs in Baltimore, MD are gearing towards the use of responsive frameworks. This is to guarantee that more people can conveniently access and enjoy the website even when they are not in front of a desktop PC. Given this prominence of responsive frameworks, the online sphere is deluged with loads of hearsays and myths that could lead a person to the wrong path.

Know the hard facts, and be mindful about the following false information:

Misconception #1: Responsive Design Confines Creativity
This issue is still a hot topic in the industry of web and graphic design in Baltimore. Most clients are concerned because they have this notion of responsive web designs being limited in terms of design elements and layouts. Plainly, this is a mistake. Expert website design firms in Baltimore will make certain that your website will obtain no limitations regarding this matter. They will design the website the way it should be – as unique as possible. In this manner, having a responsive design will help you stand out among your competitors.

Misconception #2: Responsive Sites Are Cluttered
A great number of people believe that having a responsive website means poorer performance. This is nothing but a false belief! The performance of a website depends on many factors – from the quantity of web elements, to website hosting provider, and to the location where the user is accessing the website. As a matter of fact, responsive websites can load faster than non-responsive ones because of the better technology used. Of course, websites with streamlined and neat layout will perform better than those that are cluttered.

Misconception #3: Responsive Web Designs Are For Mobile Devices Only
Believe it or not, this is completely incorrect! The responsive framework is also used widely in the laptop and desktop environment. Just imagine a gamut of desktop PCs that use different kinds of monitors when viewing content. Besides, monitors nowadays come in different sizes, and the computer itself can be attuned to show content at various resolutions. Because of this reason, websites are required to be designed responsively to also adapt to different resolutions that desktop PCs have.

Apart from these, the cost of building a responsive site is not too expensive, contrary to what is believed by several online business owners. Even though web design companies in Baltimore somewhat vary in their rates, keep tabs on firms that already have an established history in delivering professional and low cost web design solutions.