Thursday, October 2, 2014

3 Tricks in Becoming an Improved Search Engine Marketer

Have you pondered how the prominent San Antonio searchengine marketing gurus reached their stature? Aside from playing by the rules of major search engines and implementing effective tricks in SEO, here are some additional tips on how to become a better marketer in such industry:

#1: Be a Thought Leader in Your Industry
The weakness of links is that some search engine optimization (SEO) specialists abuse them by “building” links instead of “earning” them. Apparently, these kinds of link are not votes of trust from others since they are more like voting for themselves. Because Google gives more weight on natural links – the ones that came from true advocates and followers – every San Antonio, TX SEO practitioner must strive to go after these links in order to succeed in this industry. 

So how can they earn these links? The most effective way is to become a thought leader within your market. Discuss something about your industry using a unique and informative tone. This way, your target consumers as well as other niche-related websites will have solid reason to link to your website.

Initially, publish informative content because people tend to share this kind of material voluntarily. The moment these people start mentioning, quoting and discussing things you post, you are on your way to becoming an authoritative figure in your industry. When this happens, links will pour into your website naturally. This is the beauty of focusing on content first before links.

#2: Hone Your Marketing Skills
Only a handful of people in SEO have all the essential skills – be it technical, writing or marketing. Nevertheless, you do not need to master all of these. Mastering at least one or two of the following knowledge bases would suffice:

·         Web Analytics
·         Web Design and Usability
·         Content Writing
·         Technical (Web Development & Server Administration)
·         Marketing

#3: Keep an Adaptive Strategy and Mindset
SEO is an ever-changing milieu. Google occasionally rolls out algorithm updates to take down spammy tactics in order to make the search engine environment a fruitful and healthy place for online users. Consequently, you must also adjust to these changes in order for your strategy to still produce the sought-after results. Leave out the practices that do not fit anymore to your strategy, and start integrating new tactics that will help your website gain favorable rankings.

It has been over a decade since search engine optimization became a vital undertaking for marketers. And similar to any task on their plate, SEO necessitates loads of time, effort and, of course, common sense to thrive.