Sunday, October 26, 2014

Small Business SEO: Good Platforms to Begin With

Unlike corporations and big companies, most small business enterprises assess the success of their search engines marketing in Virginia Beach, VA by looking at the following data: (1) number of leads acquired, (2) conversion rate, and (3) overall profit gained. Because of the benefits one can get from doing a good SEO campaign, even the most successful small businesses would care to try having a targeted campaign.

This is where small business SEO enters the picture. Because most small-scale businesses are operating in a specific area (typically near their physical shop/office), getting target customers to see their websites is crucial for long-term success.

Having a fair knowledge about small business SEO is vital to drive more prospective leads to your website, which could result to having more customers and sales. So where must business owners begin?

Google My Business
This platform is a good place to start. This is where you will place your business information in order for Google+, Google Search and Google Maps to show them in result pages. After which, your target consumers can find you online whether they are using a PC or mobile device. The better news is, your account will automatically upgrade to Google My Business if you are previously using Google+ Pages or Google Places for Business in managing your business information.

Even the most seasoned search engine optimization specialist in Virginia Beach strongly suggests the above-mentioned “Free Google platforms” to ensure that your business is visible online. In addition, you can’t afford neglecting these online opportunities in today’s marketing milieu where majority of people find Google as their best friend when searching for a business, or anything for that matter. 

Google Places
When conducting a search in Google to find a particular service or product within a certain location, say for instance “shuttle service in Virginia Beach,” Google shows their Places or Maps listings just below the sponsored ads and before the organic results. With almost 776,000 search results for that keyword, the local visibility that Google Places has to offer is definitely a deciding factor to your success.

Organic Listing
This is where the irksome stage comes in. You must condition yourself now that accomplishing a solid top spot in search engine’s organic listing is a long shot to make. The whole process can take months or a year depending on your SEO efforts. Even so, having a good organic ranking is beneficial for your enterprise in the long-run.

If you need an expert guidance in managing both of your on-page and off-page SEO, you can always turn to professional companies in Virginia Beach that offer search engine optimization service