Tuesday, October 21, 2014

Want to Step-up Your SEO Game? Check Out These 4 Fundamentals!

If your enterprise heavily depends on search engine optimization (SEO) to generate leads, then you need to pay extra attention to the recent changes in today’s SEO environment. As you may know by now, the result of all the SEO efforts will not appear overnight. Hence, immediately remove from your list the SEO company in Fresno, CA that assures overnight success. 

Typically, a thriving SEO strategy is composed of five areas: content marketing, link outreach, brand development, social media marketing, and mobile experience. In detail, provided below are four SEO fundamentals that your business must have in order to thrive in today’s SEO competition and be successful in developing your brand.

#1: Content Marketing
Generating an engaging content is only half the deal. The other half comes in marketing all your content assets to amplify your chance of establishing a solid market presence. Thus, content marketing is now a necessity rather than an option. Do not write a blog, or publish an article then call it a day. It is always better to create a strategy on how to deliver the most appropriate content asset to the right people.

#2: Social Interaction
According to Fresno SEO experts and analysts, the social media has become most of a brand’s extension of their customer service department. So if your company is only using Facebook and Twitter to send occasional posts and tweets, then you are definitely miles away behind. The social interaction that is happening between brands and people is more valuable than it seems. Why? It is because customer engagement, integrity establishment and better brand development are happening simultaneously through this process.

#3: Mobile-friendly Website
In case you’re still unaware, Google (the biggest stakeholder in today’s search engine industry) confirmed their preference of websites that are mobile-friendly. This is mainly because they can provide better user experience, which obviously conforms to Google’s ultimate goal of making the search environment more fruitful and convenient in the user’s end. Start investing on having responsive web design, and commence streamlining your website’s information architecture so that your visitors will have smooth navigation and web experience.

#4: Link Earning
Put “link building” to the past because “link earning” is the one that can help you achieve your sought after search engine ranking. Concentrate your brand development efforts in acquiring links the natural way. You can either establish your brand as a thought leader or an authoritative figure in your industry so that you will have a sizeable amount of opportunities to acquire mentions from other reputable websites within your market.

In addition to these, always remember that SEO solutions that follow a “one size fits all” approach do not work, and will never work. Your brand has its unique problems that need be addressed using an individual approach. So if you really want to accomplish a sustainable search engine ranking, meet with your professional SEO agency in Fresno today!