Sunday, November 2, 2014

3 Mistakes that Small Business Website Owners Should Avoid

In today’s competitive landscape of business and marketing, developing a website and incorporating an ecommerce solution in Omaha, Nebraska are now essential regardless of the business’ operation and size. Nevertheless, the journey to gaining online success is synonymous to running risks that can be damaging in the long run. Needless to say, these can be very detrimental particularly to small-scale business with limited resources for website creation.

So in order to avoid unnecessary pitfalls along the road, here are the three mistakes to avoid when going online.

#1: Taking the Laidback and Quick Path
Naturally, you will imagine that almost everyone today has a website. Hence, you will surely feel the itch to instantly jump in and create one for your own without thinking of a digital strategy first. Definitely, creating a free Wix or Wordpress website is tempting.

As a consequence, your basic website would get buried in search result pages eventually because your visitors do not have any reason at all to visit your website again once they get your phone number.

As can be expected by now, taking the quick and laidback path is not advisable if you want to establish a successful online presence. Every business website needs a solid foundation and uninterrupted maintenance such as carrying out search engine marketing and hiring a reliable Omaha hosting and maintenance service provider. Create a digital strategy first by looking at today’s available technology, effective online marketing schemes and possible future options.

#2: Too Much Concentration on Trends
You discovered that your competitor has a parallax web design for his website. Indeed, you would ask your web designers in Omaha to do the same for your website. As a consequence, you will have a visually-striking website, but low ROI. Why? It is chiefly because your whole website is most likely indexed in a single file. Therefore, search engines will not recognize each of your web page and cannot display these in search results.

Thus, do not focus on the recent trends too much. Instead, develop a website that corresponds to your business needs and objectives. When creating a web design, remember the four fundamentals such as usability, relevance, white space, as well as user experience.

#3: Focuses on the Website’s Looks
Keep in mind that the appearance of a website is only a single factor in a much bigger picture. Therefore, do not focus too much in beautifying your website. Always heed what your team of web designers and developers can contribute in making your website user-friendly.

Aside from having a professional-looking website, you must also regard availing professional call center services in Omaha, Nebraska to attend and support your client’s inquiries and needs.