Thursday, November 20, 2014

3 Ways to Capitalize YouTube for Your Online Marketing Campaign

As a business owner, do you know how essential search engine marketing campaign in San Diego, CA is to your success? Does your company in San Diego execute YouTube marketing the right way?

If you are not yet using YouTube for your online campaign, then the tips provided in this blog will help you set your right foot in.

Based from Cisco Visual Networking Index’s numbers, video content accounted for a whopping 66% of the entire internet traffic last year (2013). As a matter of fact, this number can go up to 79 to 90 percent in 2018 if the video-on-demand as well as P2P files are to be included in the calculation.

Because of these, it is becoming imperative for businesses to incorporate videos into their online marketing campaigns. YouTube, and its more than a billion users every month, make it very easy for any company to promote and establish brand recognition through videos.

Taking Advantage of YouTube Marketing
Setting up an account and uploading a video or two would not suffice to capitalize what YouTube has to offer for your company. Take in mind these three tips to have a good head start:

#1: Consistently Create Awesome Content
The widely-known marketing adage “content is king” also covers the content for videos. If you want your YouTube channel to gain traction online, the best way is to generate awesome video content in a consistent manner.

If your creative juice has ran out, you can always create a PowerPoint presentation, animate it, add a voice over, and then save as a video! In addition, you can also document a person or a group who digs into your service/product for the first time. For maximum engagement, always make certain that your content is catchy, relevant, entertaining and a bit humorous.

#2: Engage With Your Community and Audience
In advancing your social media networking in San Diego, California, you must handle YouTube the way you handle Twitter, Facebook, Google+ and LinkedIn. Keep in mind that social media is a community. Therefore, associate your channel with others within your niche, and always engage with your followers. A simple “thank you” for sharing your videos can go a long way in turning them from casual audience into super fans.

#3: Read YouTube’s Terms of Service
To protect the progress you have made with your videos, have time to read YouTube’s Terms of Services. Unknowingly, you might violate their terms which can result to video/channel deletion. Specifically, pay extra attention to their rules against copyright infringement.

YouTube has the ability to provide loads of online marketing opportunities for your brand. So, if you want to advance your online marketing campaign in the city, you can always turn to professional digital agencies that provide a gamut of web development and marketing solutions from website design, search engine marketing, to website hosting in San Diego, California.