Sunday, November 9, 2014

4 Red Flags When Choosing an SEO Firm

Hiring an unqualified search engine optimization company in Indianapolis, IN could cause considerable damage to your enterprise. The worse problem is that, employing an SEO firm in the city is quite catchy especially if you do not have any background in SEO. However, you should know by now that a poorly executed SEO campaign will not only fail to attract your sought after traffic, but it will also make your search engine rankings lower.

With the purpose of helping you have a good head start in choosing the right SEO company, provided below are four of the “red flags” that you should keep tabs on.

#1: Their Assurances Sound Too Good
If an SEO company promises that your website will obtain the top spot for most of your target keywords, especially in a short period, then better scratch them off your list. Even though achieving the #1 ranking is doable, keep in mind that SEO is part science, part art. Therefore, no one knows the exact requirements for the #1 spot because Google’s algorithm are too murky for any SEO firm to make that specific a sheer guarantee.

#2: They Provide Vague and Shadowy Explanations
To a feasible extent, stay clear from search engine companies in Indianapolis that do not bother to help you understand what they are about to do in your SEO campaign. Most of the time, some agencies would only care talking about the coverage of their SEO packages, and will not go in detail. These unscrupulous agencies do not deserve your time and hard-earned investment. Professional SEO firms would be more than willing to explain to you how the big picture would go – covering both technical and non-technical aspects.

#3: They Show Off Their Abundance of Clients
While having lots of clients is not totally a bad sign, you should inquire your prospect first how many clients they are servicing at the moment. As much as possible, choose the company that has around four to six regular clients. Why? So that they can concentrate on your SEO campaign and can render quality work.

#4: Their Proposal Highlights Submissions, Metadata and Listings
Even though submitting your website in various listings, yielding sufficient number of inbound links, and ensuring that the metadata is optimized are important, remember that a successful SEO campaign nowadays necessitates effective content/PR marketing; not to mention viral marketing. So, if you notice that the agency’s proposal focus only on linking and metadata, then you will never get the biggest bang for your buck with them.

In truth, it is difficult to determine on the spot whether the SEO company is an incompetent or a good one. Nevertheless, the above-mentioned warning signals would somehow help you remove those bad ones from your list, and find out those who deserve to manage your search engine optimization and marketing campaign in Indianapolis.