Friday, November 7, 2014

4 Website Design Trends to Expect Next Year

Looking for a bang-up way to say your farewell to 2014 while subsequently welcoming the upcoming 2015? Then tidying up your web design is not a bad idea! If you are targeting to hire an expert website design firm in Atlanta, Georgia next year, they will surely highlight the significance of having a responsive design.

This year (2014), the number of people who use their mobile devices to go online is continuously increasing, even surpassing the number from desktop visits. Hence, if your website design is not responsive yet, then it cannot exhibit all web elements appropriately across various devices and browsers. Through time, delivering this kind of poor user experience can be detrimental to your sales.

Aside from having a responsive design, provided below are the other website design trends to incorporate into your 2015 resolution:

Scroll Over Click
Like it or not, the predilection on scrolling over clicking will still be evident next year. The most possible reason behind this is because of the younger generation’s preference for scrolling and the satisfaction that comes with it. Even so, make certain that your target demographics also have this same orientation to optimize the results of your marketing efforts.

Fonts to Flaunt Customization
A few years ago, the web kits that helped you choose different typefaces and fonts to design your website were staggeringly costly. This means that only rich website owners back then were the ones who can change their typography without considering the cost. The good thing is, the table has turned around nowadays because of the existence of free tools. Web designers can now choose freely the font that complements your website’s nature. Consequently, more and more website will certainly not miss the opportunity of capitalizing these free web kits next year.

Ghost Buttons
Contrary to the circulating notion, the ghost buttons would still be popular in majority of websites next year. Why? It is because these can provide subtle visual elegance, help create a minimalist design, and are very easy to execute. In addition, these buttons go well with hefty background images, small pictures, as well as videos. Correlating it to fashion, ghost buttons are like posh diamond earrings that can complement with any style and outfit. With these features, this web design trend is truly far from being dead.

Large Images
If you love creating a solid statement through your website, then you should not miss capitalizing large images for the background instead of adopting the formal layout. Nonetheless, this has a trade-off because using a high-resolution image can affect the loading time of your website. Therefore, prepare to endure the consequence of preferring this web design trend next year.

These are just a few web design trends that you should watch out for this coming 2015. If you need professional help in carrying out these trends next year, you can always turn to seasoned Atlanta affordable website design service providers!