Tuesday, November 18, 2014

How Google and Their Updates Work

Before the arrival of digital agencies providing SEO Marketing in Las Vegas, Nevada, Google has already proved itself as the leading search engine. Consequently, majority of marketers nowadays are interested and are watching carefully whenever the company rolls out a refresh or update on their algorithm.

Originally, search engines functioned by crawling and indexing the web. Because searches are carried out using keywords, search engines are using them to extract their very own results page. Back then, other search engines just considered content to find out a website’s value for ranking, while Google commenced using links as one of the main metrics.

Naturally, you are probably aware that a lot of marketers abuse this by generating tons of low quality links with the same anchor texts. For this reason, Google began rolling out algorithm updates regularly in the names of Panda and Penguin since 2012 to combat these unethical tactics.

Lessons Learned
For sure, most marketers have learned their lessons from both Panda and Penguin updates. Therefore, if you are eyeing to thrive in marketing online, keep in mind the following:

#1: Inbound Marketing is Essential
Because of the fact that Google focuses its updates on the users, and ensuring that they are finding the best content in their results pages, the best SEO strategy today is geared towards establishing a firm and reliable online presence. You can prove to people and search engines that doing business with you is a good decision by creating a brand that they can rely on.

How? – through inbound marketing tactics such as the creation of user-centered website design, social media, content marketing, great website messaging and lead nurturing.

#2: Old School SEO Will Never Come Back
You can trick Google for a moment by using black hat and “old school” SEO tactics. However, doing these shady tactics would not last for sure. It is only a matter of time before Google discovers these schemes and will hammer down and penalize your website. If you desire your campaign to last, remember that fooling Google in their own game is not a feasible option.

#3: Adapt or Get Left Behind
As a business, your website should adapt with the latest changes in the online marketing market. Every after an update, tweak your strategies when necessary in order to remain competitive, and never do black hat tactics.

In such an instance where your website has suffered from recent penalties, better turn to professional companies that specialize in search engine optimization marketing in Las Vegas, NV!