Tuesday, November 11, 2014

Small Business Websites: Design Flaws to Avoid

A handful of small business website owners in El Paso, Texas suffer from different faulty design and inconsistent process elements that substantially limit the effectiveness and usability of their websites. What’s worse is that these business owners personally add those elements, or employ an El Paso website design service provider to add them, believing that they might beautify or enhance the website’s user experience.

Whether you like it or not, some design elements regardless of their good intents, usually make a website unattractive and harder to navigate. With these elements combined, your website would definitely drive visitors away towards the competition.

With the intention to help small business owners remain competitive in their niche, here are four of the things they must avoid:

#1: Never Make the Website Big
First of all, making a big website for a small business is impractical. Throw off the notion that big things are always better. Keep in mind that managing a big website necessitates proper planning to effectively address the possible problems such as navigation, loading time, and web page response delays.

As a small-scale business, your main objective is to establish your brand and attract a constant flow of potential clients. Needless to say, it is impossible to accomplish these primary goals if your website is difficult to navigate and/or runs slowly.

#2: Never Embed Autoplay Videos
Nothing will be more irritating for visitors than opening your website and be welcomed with a video that plays automatically. Aside from the fact that videos will only slow down the loading response of the web page, it will also disrupt the browsing experience of the visitor. Always remember that small business websites must welcome people, not drive them away. Hence, avoid embedding these autoplay videos or any other flash/html 5 animation that can heavily affect the user experience. 

#3: Never Make the Checkout Difficult to Follow
The ultimate goal of every business is to successfully convert prospects into actual sales. The checkout is the last stage of a typical purchasing process and it is the last thing that separates your small website from a potential sale. Therefore, never make this process complicated for your visitors so they can easily check out their desired items or request for your service.

#4: Never Concentrate on the Visual Aspect Alone
Surely, most website designers in El Paso, TX will try their very best to yield a visually-stunning website. Even so, concentrating too much on the visual aspect of a website normally leads to having a distracting and confusing design. Remember that small business websites do not have to be visually grandiose in order to become productive and functional. Target for a simple design that concentrates on your content and service/product.

If you are experiencing problems adopting the aforementioned tips, you can always turn to expert El Paso web development companies for professional help and guidance.