Sunday, November 16, 2014

Tips to Succeed in Local SEO Next Year!

This year is nearing its end, and a number of businesses are already looking forward to 2015 in terms of their marketing plan. If you are targeting to intensify your local search engine marketing campaign, then employing the best SEO company in Tulsa, Oklahoma is certainly part of your plans next year. Fortunately, local search specialists have imparted the local ranking factors that matter the most, considering the latest algorithm changes from Google.

Just like any update, the trend in Google Pigeon’s latest update is centered on pushing webmasters to focus on improving their websites instead of beating Google in their own game. Based from this shift, together with local ranking factors like link signals, on-page signals, as well as external location signals, the most effective way to succeed in local SEO next year is to be awesome – write awesome content to pull in awesome links.

Naturally, it would really be great if you put those into practice.So, to help you set your right foot in, here are some additional tips to follow:

Never Miss the Significance of Local Optimization
Based from the latest update, local optimization practices have become more crucial than ever. If your website lacks the local signals that Google expects it to have, then you will not make the most of your online search engine optimization campaign. As much as possible, go back to the basics, and cross check if you have included your target city and state in the following:

·         URL – If you can edit the URL structure of your website, make sure to include the city and state.
·         Title Tag – As of now, title tags remain to be one of the strongest ranking signals for local relevancy.
·         H1 Heading – It doesn’t have to be the entire heading, but make certain to include the target location in it.
·         Content – Aside from your keywords, make sure to also insert the city and state throughout your content.
·         Alt Text – Search engines could not read images. Thus, make your images functional SEO-wise by adding city/state in their alt text.

Additional Tips
Aside from intensifying your local optimization efforts, stay clear from doing basic mistakes such as:

·         No Content on Home Page – The aesthetics of a website is not sufficient because both the search engines and consumers need to know what your website is about and has to offer.
·         Thin Content – Always remember that search engines are crawling your website for useful and relevant information. So, if your business website offers a service, don’t just write “We offer this service, call us for more information.”
·         Terrible Title Tag and Keyword Spamming – You only have 500 pixels of width in the title tag and everything exceeding this number will be cut short when displayed in search engines. Hence, make certain that your target keywords are included in that limited pixel. Speaking of which, keyword spamming has never been useful so you better not attempt doing it.

If you are in need of professional help to advance your local SEO campaign next year, you can always turn to the best search engine optimization company in Tulsa, Oklahoma!