Thursday, November 27, 2014

What is Black Hat Social Media and Why Should You Avoid It?

Surely, every search engine marketing firm in Charlotte, North Carolina is familiar with the term “black hat” as it has been wandering around for years now. Originally, the word black hat came from Western movies to discern bad guys from good guys who wore (as you can expect) white hat. In the search engine marketing context, this term is used to denote unscrupulous SEOs and hackers who carry out shady schemes to improve their website ranking.

Black Hat Social Media
Recently, we are witnessing these kinds of marketers in the social media realm. In detail, they are doing black hat social media like:

  • Hiring click farms to boost their following and subscriber base
  • Paying other individuals to like, subscribe, share or comment in their social media content
  • Sharing irrelevant hyperlinks
  • Creating dummy accounts in order to increase the number of followers of their main account
  • Providing fake bad reviews to their competitors

Why Avoiding These Tactics is a Good Idea
Apparently, this is not the right and ethical way of doing social media networking inCharlotte, NC. Taking the easy and lazy route would only do more harm than good. In fact, your business would endure the following if you insist on doing black hat social media marketing:

#1: It Can Drop-off Your Organic Ranking
Although social signals may not be a direct part of Google’s ranking algorithm, they still have a bit of influence on SEO in general. A leading publishing company in the field of search engine marketing even reckons that if a company commits to these black hat social media tactics, they can falsely boost their content’s level of authority, which can be very dangerous once Google crawl and index their page. It is only a matter of time for Google to find out this fallacy, and would undoubtedly hammer down your page with penalties.

#2: It Can Ruin Your Reputation
Social media is an indispensable avenue to build relationship with your existing and potential clients. Always remember that in producing brand advocates, credibility is important. They check out your social media profile to intermingle with like-minded people who are honest and could provide them with great information or entertainment.

In other words, practicing black hat social media will undoubtedly put your credibility at stake. So, if you do not want to lose your clients, never attempt doing this.

#3: It is Not Profitable
Contrary to popular belief, having more “fake” likes and followers doesn’t mean you will also have more profit. Actually, it is only a waste of investment because these followers are not really interested in purchasing your product/service. Therefore, they will not return what you have invested in them.

If you need guidance in doing white hat social media marketing that yields positive results, you can always turn to expert Charlotte search engine marketing
companies! Always remember, you will never gain anything from an unethical act.